January 4

Day 1 – Now Boarding

Welcome to our Honeymoon!!!  Don’t know if you’re all up on things Dee and Cindy, but if you’ll check the previous posts (scroll down, it won’t kill you) you’ll see that we got married on December 21. (yay!!!)  We spent the first two weeks of our honeymoon celebrating at home and occasionally at work with our family and friends, and now we’ve kicked off the official honeymoon.  What are we doing?  Well read on and find out!  (that’s called a teaser, just so ya know.  It’s supposed to make you want to keep reading.  I know, if I’d shut up, you’d keep reading… ok.  shutting up now.)

Our trip got underway (is there an overway?) very early in the morning when our taxi driver/house & pet sitter/daughter picked us up & delivered us to the airport.  (thanks kiddo!!!)

We fought vigorously for the window seat, but Dee ended up running faster down the aisle than Cindy so he got the scenic view, and Cindy had to lean wayyy over him to see anything.  (Dee didn’t mind)

doesn’t seem very eery from here…

The flight was a little over 4 hours, and we got to see a bunch of really pretty sights.  Things like… clouds… and mountains… and snow… and snowy mountains… and stuff like that.  Oh and we got to see Lake Erie too.

Actually it was a really good flight with lots to see out the window and almost no screaming children.  🙂


After kicking butt on the in-flight trivia for a few hours, we found ourselves approaching JFK ahead of schedule.  We had the pilot go ahead and circle around for a bit while we waited for our turn to land.

We were kidding around about not needing to know that our seat-cushions could be used as a flotation device since we weren’t going to be flying over any water.  The pilot must have heard, because he took us out over the ocean before circling back for the airport.  (we weren’t even scared)

The ride from the airport was so very cool!  Well, the ride was ok, just your basic Toyota hybrid Town Car.  Ya, when I reserved the Town Car I didn’t even know they were made by Toyota!  But it was a nice ride and we got to experience New Yorky stuff like traffic and honking and cursing with accents.  We even drove by the flying saucer thing from Men in Black.

2013-01-04_16-10-42_189With a little more traffic and honking, we were delivered to the Belvedere Hotel (fortunately that’s where we’re staying).  Here’s a tip for you; when you’re honeymooning, tell ALL the people that you’re honeymooning, cuz it gets you stuff like free cheesecake and rooms with a fantastic view!

After we got all settled in and had dinner at Shake Shack (yum!!), we thought we’d go explore for a while (cuz we’re adventurous like that).  Turns out we’re even closer to Times Square than I thought!  It really is a place that you have to experience to know what it’s like.  So many lights and people and Elmos!


First night in the city and Cindy is already with the police…



The place really is amazing; such great atmosphere and people were so friendly and there is so much energy and it’s so close to the hotel (bonus)!  We didn’t stay out really really late (shut up!  We are not old!  It’s jet-lag! and we’re on our honeymoon!) and found that the view from the room is just as good after dark.2013-01-04_19-05-19_735

And now we’re off to bed… busy day tomorrow!

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