January 9

Day 6 – The View from Here

I can see my house from here!

This has been our most favoritest day here so far!  We’re not saying we’d like to live here full time, but if we could just vacation here full time, that would be great.  🙂

GMA (4)
in front of the wheel of food

We started out early again (Dee thinks he won’t get to sleep in again until we get back home) so we could go to Good Morning America.  We made a sign to ensure our success at getting some much deserved screen time.  It turned out to be a really good idea (As I said on Day 1, always tell all the people when you’re honeymooning!) because it got the attention of the staff AND the talent, and a whole bunch of the peeps next to us.  We got congrats from George and Lara and Josh and (as they say in Gilligan’s Island) the rest.  🙂

GMA (1)

While we were standing around looking important and waiting for stuff to happen (there’s a lot of that in the TV biz) we got our cordial invitation to the GMA Oscars show tomorrow.  We were told to “dress to impress”… not sure what that says about the outfits we chose today.  :-/

GMA (7)Today there was a cooking game in the main studio; Josh Elliot was the host and Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri were the contestants.  When you’re in the crowd (or in the in-crowd, as we are), you have to clap and cheer and stand all packed together in just the right spot and not bother the hosts or guests.  But you do get to take lots of pictures and,  if you have a really good sign (and really good hair) they might come over and talk to you, which is allowed (seems rather one-sided).  It’s amazing to see how many people are behind the scenes making this show happen.  The game show part was a tie (rigged!!), but after it was over Guy and Rachael came over to tell us congrats on our wedding and they signed our poster!!!  Then Guy threw some tortillas at us.  Tortillas of love.  (well, they were flours)

Josh got in on the action and gave us a little love too.  (dang he’s tall and hugs with authority!)  We didn’t get a lot of facetime on the show today, but we’re all over the GMA Live… check it out.

GMA (8)
signed, sealed, delivered!
well it’s signed, anyway

GMA (9)

After a quick stop at the room to store our newly signed memorabilia, we were off to catch our water taxi.  That’s a boat that makes several different stops on its route so you can get off and walk around and catch the next one coming through.  It’s actually more like a water bus, doncha think?  They really should consult us before they start naming these things.  🙂  We were kind of wishing we’d gotten a regular taxi to take us to the water taxi, not because the walk was very far, but because the neighborhood was rather… well it was sketchy, compared to what lies the other way.  The hotel is in a nice part of Hell’s Kitchen (seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?), but it goes downhill from here to the Hudson (and aren’t we glad it does, cuz we’d be in the river if it didn’t!).

treeAnyhoo, we weren’t even scared.  Hell’s Kitchen is actually a decent part of town; they even knit their trees cute little sweaters to keep them warm.  And it’s so different to see how everyone lives so close together.  I imagine they’d freak out if they came to our Town.

“Dang tourist!” I could fit 27 units between your house and the neighbor’s!”

The water taxi took us down the Hudson River and just a tiny bit into the East River (cuz that’s a different tour) and we got to see the place where the ferry wrecked (not the one we were on, btw).  There were still cop boats and news helicopters all over the place.  We didn’t get off at any of the stops (we’re on a very tight schedule here!) but we did get some really awesome views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  The last two are closed indefinitely because of the damage caused by Sandy (the storm, not our dog), but it’s still breathtaking to see.  Like most of the things here, the pics are fantastic but it’s nothing like seeing it in person.  And here are a few of the aforementioned pics…

2013-01-09_12-21-28_698 2013-01-09_12-37-18_173 2013-01-09_12-41-46_642

After the water taxi we really needed to pee (well, we did!) and it was WAY too cold for the port-a-potties so we stopped in to see the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.  The Intrepid is a retired aircraft carrier, and along with all the stuff you’d find on an active aircraft carrier, like anti-aircraft guns and a galley and a gift-shop, they also had some aircraft (makes sense), a space shuttle, a concord jet and a submarine.

intrepid (1)
Big guns
intrepid (7)
intrepid (4)
the pooped deck
intrepid (9)
missile bay
intrepid (3)
Iceberg dead ahead!
(wait… wrong ship)

Then it was time for the long, cold walk back.  Not our best idea ever, but fortunately there was a nice warm tub waiting at the hotel.  🙂

Once we were warmed up, it was time to head out into the city once again (did we mention the tight schedule we’re on?)  Tonight we had our first experience with the subway system.  Dee has been studying it for months, planning and preparing, and we were all set to go.  We bought our MetroCards and headed into the station for our trip South to the Empire State Building.  Unfortunately it was the North-bound station.  (ooopsy)  Fortunately the Sultan of the Subway (Dee’s new nickname for his humble self) figured it out before we boarded the train for Harlem and what we were sure would be our ultimate doom.

Remember our gentle complaining about the security setup from the 9/11 memorial (this post)?  Well, security at the Empire State Building (ESB) is a whole lot like that, you just have to walk a lot more.  Here’s a travel tip for you… don’t take a tripod to the ESB; you’ll have to leave it at security and it ain’t fun getting it back!  We couldn’t figure out the security risk of a tripod, so we figure it’d let you take really good pictures and then you wouldn’t want to buy the calendar from the gift shop so they take it from you.  🙂

There’s about 4 miles of movie theater rope to get through before you actually find an elevator, and we were SO glad that we were able to walk right through rather than having to wait in line.  Another travel tip… visit between 6-9 weeknights to avoid the longest lines.

We went to the 86th floor, but you have the option to “upgrade” to the 102nd floor.  Dee said he did better with the height than at the elevators the day before.  The freakiest part was the wind.  We were so blown away!!  On one side of the tower there was almost no wind, but on the other side we had to lean into it… crazy!  We can’t even imagine being a construction worker up there in that wind walking on a metal beam with no safety line (OK, we can imagine… and it makes us a little queasy, so we’re gonna move on now.) This is definitely a must-see for anyone visiting here.  The views are stunning!  We’ll be visiting another skyscraper in a couple of days and should have some daylight shots for you, but these nighttime pics (be patient, they’re coming up at the end) show you a little bit about how spectacular the view is at any time.

As we say goodnight, here are some views of Manhattan at night.  See you tomorrow!

ESB (1) ESB (2) ESB (3) ESB (5) ESB (6) ESB (7) ESB (8) ESB (12) ESB (18) ESB (22) ESB (24) ESB (25) ESB (28) ESB (30) ESB (31)

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