January 17

Day 14 – An Act of Providence

We woke up today to another picture-perfect post-card.  The difference today was that the sun was shining… not as impressive as the snowfall but still quite gorgeous!  And a whole lot easier to travel in.  We stood at the windows for a while and watched the snowplows roll through and, as snowplows will do, reblock everybody’s driveways.

130117 Honeymoon (2)

We made our way down to the breakfast area to find a new person in charge of the foodses.  Although the noms were just as good as yesterday, it just wasn’t the same not having that nice lady pushing us to eat some waffles.  The new hotel breakfast person was nice enough, but it wasn’t like eating breakfast at home anymore (yes, we’ve gotten that spoiled).  Since we didn’t have ‘mom’ there anymore (and because we know we’re getting close to the end of this adventure and might actually have to start heading back towards the airport) we decided to pack it up and leave Kennebunk (sniff, whimper, cry).

We set off on our merry little way  down the interstate, and found it mostly drive-able.  Our original plan called for meeting the daughter Koree last night at her place in Providence, but the snow had different plans for us, so the new plan was to meet Koree today.  And we accomplished that plan.  Yay!

We met Koree and got the official tour of her place and the resident animals.  If it didn’t sound so… risque… I’d say she lives in a cat house.  Seriously, though.  I’m pretty sure the cats outnumber the people.

The second-best thing about the tour (the first was getting to see the Koree) was meeting Princess Beyonce (PB), Koree’s ferrret.  She’s so cute!  We might have disturbed her sleep a little, so for the first part of the visit she was just kinda lethargic (kinda like the way my day started), but then she perked up and got all wiggly and hyper and stuff.  I expected a bit of a stench, just from having heard about ferrets, but she’s really clean and fun and cuddly and stuff.  Here’s a couple of pics.

130117 Honeymoon (4) 130117 Honeymoon (5)










The pic on the right isn’t PB in full attack mode, it’s Koree demonstrating that if you grab a ferret by the skin on the back of its neck (much like a mother cat would do with a kitten) it makes the ferret open its mouth.  Such an educational visit!

130117 Honeymoon (7)
3 wits in front of 5 Wits

And speaking of edumacational visits, Koree took us to where she works; 5 Wits in Foxboro MA.  It’s a super-cool action/adventure thing where you’re part of either an Espionage or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea adventure where you have to figure out puzzles and mysteries and brain-teasers and stuff to complete your mission.  We got the behind-the-scenes tour, so if you need any help while you’re there, give us a call.  On second thought, if you need any help, just ask Koree.  She’ll be right there anyway  🙂

It was great to be able to see her again and to see that she’s all happy and healthy and working in a job she likes.  Love you Koree!!!

Since it was fairly late when we left Providence and we wanted to make sure we had a room when we got to Cape Cod we went on line and reserved a room at a cute little place called Inn at Swan River.  It started snowing lightly as we entered Massachusetts and there was little traffic on the freeway and the cruiser was tuned to a cute little softrock station… it was quite romantic, which was really adding to the whole ‘honeymoon’ thing we had going on.  🙂

That lasted right up until we pulled into the parking lot and found the Inn at Swan River was actually Out at Swan River.  We’re really starting to find this whole “closed for the season” thing to be “a bit ridiculous”.  There were lights on in the rooms and cars in the parking lot, so we deduced that it was really a functional motel.  And just for a brief moment, we considered knocking on one of those occupied rooms and seeing if we could borrow their couch.

After ringing the bell and banging on the door and calling the posted “if we’re not here, call this 800 number” number several times to no avail, we set off in the ever-increasing snowfall to find a place to crash for the night.  Mostly what we found was more “closed for the season” signs, but we did eventually run across (well, more like pulled into) the Ambassador Inn.  At this point we weren’t really picky, just exhausted, so Dee went in and rang the bell at the counter a half-dozen times.  Eventually a nice young man came out and said “jes?”… to which Dee replied “can I get a room for the night?”.

Then the nice young man held up a finger (no, not THAT finger!  The just a minute, let me get someone who speaks English finger) and disappeared through a door marked “Private”, then quickly returned with a nice young woman who did indeed give us a room for the night.  And it turned out to be a very nice room.  That story was just as boring when we were living it as it was while you were reading it.  🙂

Sorry there aren’t any more pictures… we were mostly driving through frozen tundra.  Hopefully there will be more for tomorrow’s episode.  Y’all come back now, ya hear?!

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