January 18

Day 15 – A Lack o’ Lobstah

(((Yawwnnnn… stretch…)))

What a day!  We woke up well after the sun to the sound of snowplows clearing the parking lot.  It very much beats waking up with/before the sun to the sound of snowplows clearing the parking lot!

We found breakfast at one of the not “closed for the season” (yes, that again.  it’s a theme. deal with it.) places and, on the recommendation of our waitress, headed to the north end of the Cape to a town called Ptown (Provincetown to the tourists).  We were warned that the town was… different… but there was a place there that had the best lobster in all New England.  We really hadn’t had much luck finding lobster so far, so we headed out with great gumption.  And a full tank of gas.

I’m sure by now you’re aware that we’re on our honeymoon (yes, we’re still on our honeymoon) and we don’t really stick to any given route or plan, so we took the scenic route along the coast.  We saw some very coastal images, such as:

130118 Honeymoon (1)



130118 Honeymoon (4)

and of course stopped to see a couple of lighthouses along the way.130118 Honeymoon (7) 130118 Honeymoon (8)









And of course, every place was… you guessed it… closed for the season.  🙁

We got to Ptown and found the most excellent Lobster place that was recommended to us earlier in the day.  And it was… you guessed it again… closed for the season.  Dee did have someone tell him that he has awesome hair, so the trip wasn’t a total loss.  The only thing “different” we noticed was that there was nobody there.

Also, we saw some pretty cool sights such as…

130118 Honeymoon (10)
A Christmas tree… ok a Christmas lobster-trap pyramid. Whatever.


130118 Honeymoon (11)
a really tall memorial to the pilgrims
130118 Honeymoon (12)
a Town Hall that Dee would love to work in
130118 Honeymoon (13)
the ocean. can’t go wrong with the ocean.


We continued our coastal tour and mostly did nothing but drive and see really cute houses.  We stopped for dinner at a place called Mezza Luna.  the reviews on TripAdvisor had said this place had some really good lobster, so we stopped in for a bite.  And found… they were out of lobster.  Evidently lobster are a migratory shellfish and head for warmer waters in the winter.  or maybe just when Dee and Cindy are in town.  :-/

We had a good dinner anyway, and stopped to do laundry before settling in for the night, where we found this awesome advice.

130118 Honeymoon (15)
Do NOT get laod wit’ me!!

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