January 14

Day 11 – Our (Kenne)bunkbed

O.M.G.  We slept!  Oh how we slept last night/this morning!  Without the constant sirens/construction/garbage trucks/taxi drivers/foghorns/airline pilot announcements/bomb blasts/loud noises, with just the faint sound of the ocean lapping against the beach (we’re pretty sure it’s out there in the fog somewhere)… we slept.  We think it’s the first full night of restful sleep we’ve had since we started this honeymoon.  (I know.. you feel really bad for us right now)

We got up (eventually) and went down to Marnick’s, the diner in the hotel, for our continental breakfast.  There were maybe a couple of other people there… which is freaking us out a little after a week in NYC where you aren’t alone… ever… even in your own thoughts. 0_o  After the toast & jam, we loaded up the Cagney & Lacy cruiser and hit the road again.  There’s not much to say (like Dee ever has not much to say) about today, because it was mostly on the road, but we’ll give it the ol’ college try, mkay?

The town (Stratford) is home-town-USA… we found so many gorgeous houses and several town squares, and we were pretty sure it was Star’s Hollow (don’t be lazy; follow the link!)

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Our goal tonight was Portland, Maine.  Just cuz we thought we’d spend this part of the adventure doing some coastal driving; ya know.. lighthouses and rocky beaches and open spaces and stuff.  We forgot to mention that last night while driving through the fog on our way to the hotel in CT, we passed the turnoff to Sleepy Hollow.  That was kinda cool, but it was just too spooky with the fog to go check out.  Maybe next trip.  (but probly not).

2013-01-14_16-18-12_610So… anywhere… on the path to Maine we crossed many cool bridges and saw some beautiful countryside.  We know that this part of the country is gorgeous in the summer/fall/spring, and we’d love to come back to see it in its blooming glory, but there’s a certain beauty to seeing the countryside in winter.  We’d hoped for snow (and still hope), but we realized while driving that we get to see so much more than the summer tourist/honeymooners do, because we can see what’s beyond the trees on the side of the road.  With that being said, we’re already making plans to come back when its a bit greener.

While navigating our way to Portland, Cindy found a nice restaurant off the beaten path (who beats paths anymore, anyway? That’s just cruel.) so we headed into the wilds of Maine.  Guess what we found?  Nope!  We found said restaurant…. and we found it to be closed. 🙁  Evidently the weekend here is not Saturday and Sunday, but actually Monday and Tuesday, cuz that’s when everything here is closed.  Well, most things here are closed all winter, but the things that are open aren’t open when we’re here (still feeling pretty bad for us, aren’t you???)

Just where is here, you ask?  Well stop interrupting and we’ll tell you!

2013-01-14_17-19-51_268Since it was getting dark, we decided to skip the trip to Portland for today and just settle in here (we can do that; we’re on our honeymoon!).  We found a hotel just down the street from the closed restaurant and O.M.G. (yes, that again) it is SO perfect!  The King’s Port Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine is just the most adorable place ever!  There were 2 other cars in the parking lot, and the dude behind the counter commented on how busy they were for a Monday night.  (say what?) The whole town is straight out of a postcard.  We thought we’d found Star’s Hollow last night, but Kennebunk/Kennebunkport has that beat hands down!  We only caught a glimpse of it tonight, as it was getting dark when we settled in, but our short walk to “Federal Jack’s” for dinner (one of the few places open in the off season) gave us high hopes for tomorrow.

After a most fun-filled and fillingly-fun dinner, we’re back in our luxurious room with our 4 poster bed (it does not suck to be Dee and Cindy Hathaway!), and we’re ready to call it a night.  See you tomorrow!

No calories in honeymoon dessert, right? RIGHT????
so meaty!

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