January 15

Day 12 – This Little Light(house) of M(a)ine

This place just couldn’t be any cuter even if it had dimples!

We got another great, quiet night’s rest thanks to our 4 poster king-size bed (be jealous… you should) and trudged downstairs to the breakfast room.  Very impressive!  There literally was one other car besides the cruiser in the parking lot, but the King’s Port Inn has put out a really nice breakfast. Cereal, hard-boiled eggs, juice, toast, bagels, coffee, pastries, yogurt, a fireplace (for sitting by, not for eating) and made to order waffles.  They were just made if you ordered them, not like medium/medium rare or anything.  Which makes them made when order, I guess…

Anyway… after breakfast we packed up and headed out for a little more of the road-trip/sightseeing part of the honeymoon.  Today’s destination was lighthouses.  And other houses too.  We just love the houses back here!  Each one is so unique and different and… and… New Englandy.

Speaking of New England.  We decided that people who live in Maine are called Mainerds.  You’re welcome, Mainerds.  🙂

So we drove down Maine street (no really) on our travels, and saw some really cool sites… Like these!

2013-01-15_10-50-14_750 2013-01-15_10-52-16_1282013-01-15_10-51-43_842


And that was just in Kennebunkport!

We did find the lighthouses we were looking for, but it took some searching.  We headed for Two Lights State Park to see the first couple of lighthouses, only to find that there are no lighthouses there.  Not any lights or houses at all!  The park is so misleadingly named because there are two lighthouses nearby. (aren’t you glad that not all landmarks are named that way?)  The cool thing about the park (besides the pics you’re about to see) is that it was actually used as a military battery (the defense kind, not the Duracell kind) during World War II.  (WAY cool!)  Here is said park…

2013-01-15_11-16-19_727 2013-01-15_13-47-09_334 2013-01-15_13-56-02_437 2013-01-15_13-56-27_112 


We then drove to the two lighthouses, and they are now private property (although still operational) so we weren’t able to go inside.  (Dee only pouted for a little while)


2013-01-15_14-18-07_505 2013-01-15_14-12-40_589


lobster potsOur next stop was the Head Light.  No, not the one on the front of the car, the one at Portland Head Light.  It’s an old military post next to a lighthouse.  We had planned on mostly driving today and doing very little walking (you know there’s a “but” coming up, right?) but, (told you!) Dee turned too soon and we ended up at the walking trail instead of the actual park entrance (nicely done Dee!!), so we ended up walking a whole lot more that we thought we would.  Wouldn’t be a problem, except Cindy took the “very little walking” to heart and wore Crocs.  Poor frozen wife toes.  🙁

It was a very cool (ha!) place.  The lighthouse was commissioned by old G.W. himself (George Washington, for those not up on their made-up-by-Dee acronyms) and parts of the base were used to guard the coast during WWI and WWII.  We didn’t realize the coast had such an important military history!

Oh!  Here are the pics.




By then we were tired and frozen and hungry and cranky and went in search of food and warmth.  That was pretty hard to come by today, and it’s evidently pretty hard to come by in New England in the winter.(awwwwww 🙁  )  We picked out a couple of nice-sounding places from the ol’ Google map, but they were both “Closed for the Season”.  We ended up at Becky’s Diner (thanks Becky!) in Portland.  They had food, but they didn’t have warmth!  It was so COLD in there (shiver, shiver!).  We felt really bad for the wait-staff, standing there in their shivering wait-attire.  But the Haddock Chowder was way good!  Even Cindy liked it!

After first dinner, it was time for dessert, so we headed for the Chocolate Bar in Portland, which, as it turns out, is more bar than chocolate.  No worries, the cheesecake was still good!  Almost good enough to make up for the parking ticket we got while there!  Hey!  Other people were parked there too and there was no clearly marked signage and we have Florida plates and we’re on our honeymoon and any other excuse we can think of!  Fine. We’ll just pay the stupid fine.  (with the frozen toes and closen sto’es and now this… it hasn’t been Dee’s best day ever)

After the long lighthouse trip, we headed back to Kennebunk (yay!).  We had second dinner at Pedro’s which sounds like a Mexican restaurant, but the food only faintly resembles Mexican-fare.  The tacos were… tolerable… and the rice & beans were… interesting.  Here’s a traveler’s tip for you; when in New England, stick with the chowdah!!

Back in the room now, basking in the warmth and the after-cheesecakeness of the evening.  🙂  It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, and we’re also planning to go into Providence to spend some time with Koree… so we’ve decided if it’s snowing we’ll just stay another night here (and we hadn’t even planned on being here in the first place!!!)

Will we stay?  Will we go?  You’ll just have to tune in and find out!  See you tomorrow!

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