January 5

Day 2 – All ‘motional

We started out the day nice and early… about 9:00.  Hey at least it was in the AM!  Not that we need an excuse, but there were sirens like crazy about half the night, and our room is on the top floor, so we get the spotlights on the window.  It would have been oh-so-very nice to sleep with the view of the city (we wouldn’t have been able to see it anyway with our eyes closed, right???), but ended up closing the blinds.  Even at 9, the sun wasn’t shining in the window cuz of all the unbelievably tall buildings here (so awesome!)  Besides.. 9 here is 7 back home, so just be quiet and keep reading.

Cindy loves her life right now

We made it to breakfast a little bit before noon, which is really rough on some people who are on a 3-hour feeding schedule and can’t get started without breakfast.  Fortunately, CaffeBene serves breakfast late, so after a quick egg sammich we were on our way!  To where, you ask?  (go ahead, ask… I’ll wait)

I’m so glad you asked!  The first stop was back in Times Square to see if it’s as awesome in the daylight as it was last night; it is.  Cindy helped a bunch of people get their pictures taken (she’s so nice) while Dee stood there thinking how stupid it was that anybody would hand their camera over to a stranger.

No worries, there were a couple of other things we wanted to do 😉 so we went in search of Dean & Deluca.

On the way we passed (well, okay… so we stopped at) a couple of really cool cathedrals and a bunch of little shops.  Since D&D was by Rockefeller Center, we stopped in to see a few things, like a gigantic tree.2013-01-05_13-33-52_632

and along the way even found a building celebrating our wedding day. (so nice of them to remember!)

12/21 – the beginning of a new era

2013-01-05_13-30-11_154We stopped to see the people skating in the park, and a dude holding up the world.

We could have saved some time by just going to the Lego store.2013-01-05_13-42-25_8412013-01-05_13-40-39_793

We finally made it to Dean & Deluca… Cindy was all ‘motional.

Saturday in the park!

We strolled up 5th Avenue past a bunch of shops that we really couldn’t even afford to walk past, stopped for an overpriced hotdog from a street vendor, did a little window shopping (didn’t buy any, though) and made it to Central Park.  So awesome!  We are definitely going back!

We had dinner at the Brooklyn Diner, which seemed like a nice little out of way diner, but was definitely not priced like it!  The food and service were really good though.

Figuring that was enough for our first day out and about, we made a quick stop to get some supplies and headed back to the room to plan for tomorrow.  It’s so much fun here and we’re only a little worried about the pets (I’m sure they’re being well taken care of) and what’s going on back home… not enough that we’re gonna hop on a plane anytime soon though!

See you tomorrow!

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