January 7

Day 4 – A Day at the Museum

Cindy got us out of bed early this morning (so early that most of you had just gone to bed, I think) so we could go see GMA (Good Morning America).  The hotel is just a couple of blocks down the street from the studio, which was really lucky planning for us cuz you gotta be at the studio early if you want to make it in the biz (the ‘being on TV as part of the random crowd’ biz in this case).

We got to the studios about 6:30 and thought maybe we were in the wrong place, cuz there weren’t very many people there.  Evidently, Monday mornings are rough on everybody everywhere.  Some guy with a headset eventually came out to tell all the cute teenage girls in line what was going on… fortunately we were standing close to some of them so we got to hear too.  Turns out we were all going inside cuz there were some Victoria’s Secret models doing some secret Victorian modeling there and we were going to go in the studio to watch them.  That was when Cindy tried to send Dee back to the hotel room to get a pen (nice try, Cindy).

The security guys came through the line to tell us that we couldn’t go in if we had a pocket-knife or mace (evidently mace is a big thing in NYC… I was wishing I had some to fend off the bus-porn guys) and we went into the studio about 7:15 (show started at 7).

2013-01-07_07-47-26_682We got into an elevator bigger than our hotel room with a couple dozen other people and then got to go to the green room on whatever floor it was the elevator stopped.  The green room was actually a tiny spot behind the curtain in a studio and they packed us all in there like tightly packed things and had us strip down (ok, just the coats and scarves and gloves and moon boots), but they had food and beverages, so we were all good.

2013-01-07_08-51-37_57Our stage manager Eddie got us all seated around the GMA runway and told us when we’d be applauding and what was going to happen when.  It was way cool to see all the lights and cameras and people and all the things that go on behind the scenes to make such a show happen.  We even got to be on TV! (you gotta look fast, but we’re there!).  Eventually they brought out the runway models and had them do their thing on the catwalk.  (Dee was almost too sexy for his shirt, but Cindy put a stop to that real quick.  Oh come on.  You don’t know who Right Said Fred is??? I’m Too Sexy??? Fine. Here’s the link.)  Then they brought out the VS models and had them do their thing, which was just standing by the stage.  But they were really good at it.  🙂

2013-01-07_08-29-17_700There was lots of applauding and cheering while we were on camera and it really was a lot of fun.  After a while the ‘crew’ came up to interview the ‘talent’ (we’re so hip with the show-biz lingo), and then they quickly disappeared back to the newsroom again.  Truly nice, fun people.  Even George.

2013-01-07_08-44-14_394-1In between the spots, when the cameras weren’t rolling, the crew invited the peeps in the crowd (ie Us) to have our pictures taken in front of the runway.  We got photobombed by Eddie the stage manager.  🙂  Oh Eddie.  Such a prankster.

After the show ended, we got to go down into the real studio on the first floor to be part of “GMA Live!”.  Got a lot of camera exposure there and expect the offers to start rolling in any minute now…  You can see that here on GMA Live.

After the show, we hopped on the tour bus and headed out for the American Museum of Natural History.  On the way we drove by a whole bunch of New Yorky stuff (it’s tough to not do that here) including some of the apartments of some pretty big stars… paying some pretty big money to live with a view of central park.  Hard to believe that people would pay millions for a 2 bedroom apartment, especially while there are people sleeping under newspapers on benches in that very park.

Anyhoo, we did make it to the museum and it.is.massive!  4 floors of exhibits and history and learning and lions and tigers and bears (oh my!).  Fortunately we didn’t see any of the cast from “A Night at the Museum”.  You know if you keep going to see Ben Stiller’s movies he’s just gonna keep making them!


If we had a couple more weeks here, we might be able to see everything in this museum, but we had to keep it to the highlights.  The coolest thing was in the ocean-life part of the building… a life-size model of a hump-back whale.  HUGE!  At one point Cindy wandered off and got all comfy with one of the regulars there.  Dee was gonna take him down, but that guy has an iron jaw!


And we saw this.  It’s about 5 feet across.
That’ll keep you out of the water for a while!!

After we had lunch (our obligatory $50 bag of museum M&Ms and a $12 bottle of water) we headed for the next stop; The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.  We can’t even describe the vastness of this place.  You could literally fit 2 football fields inside, and the Statue of Liberty would fit under the dome.  Evidently we were feeling a bit socially aware (what with the 56 million dollar apartments we drove by earlier) cuz we couldn’t help but think about how many hungry people could have been fed and how many people could have been helped with the money that has been poured into this cathedral.  Beautiful?  Definitely.  Necessary?  Not even a little.  🙂  Here’s some pics to give you some idea what it was like.

2013-01-07_14-42-09_909 2013-01-07_14-54-00_495 2013-01-07_14-55-18_331



We were pretty much overly-whelmed by opulence at that point; the quick fix for that was to get back on the bus and continue the tour.  Next stop-Harlem!  Big difference from the first part of the day.  We didn’t stop.  :-/  Go figure.

By the time we got to the end of the tour it was late and we were frozen, so we just headed back to the room to get warm.  And then we went to Brazil Brazil for dinner.  YUM!!!

Here’s a few things we saw along the tour.  Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you tomorrow!!

The Hudson River
East Central Park
Apartments at South Central Park

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