January 8

Day 5 – On Broadway

Today started like much like any other day.  Well, any other day that happens to start when you’re on your honeymoon in NYC!  Understanding that you might not be on your honeymoon in NYC, we’re giving you the chance to follow along with us and pretend that you are.  🙂  A little late to be explaining what’s going on, I guess.  Oh well.  Deal with it!  (That’s our new NYC attitude)

The first appointment of the day was our Inside Broadway Tour, which oddly enough was almost entirely outside.  (that’s show biz for ya) The tour offers to let you “find out what it’s like to be a Broadway actor” but what they don’t tell you is that a starving actor (that’s redundant) gives the tour, and that’s as close as you get to a Broadway actor.  (that’s show biz for ya… oh wait… that’s redundant.  And so is that!!)

We showed up at the prearranged meeting place and found ourselves alone.  Well, not really alone considering you can never have alone time here, but we certainly weren’t with our tour.  So off we trudged to find out where we were supposed to meet.  The NYPD guy there referred us to the Times Square Visitor Center and Mini-museum to get some information so away we went!  We tried to stop by there over the weekend, but they were closed over the weekend.  But that’s not important right now.

We went inside and were greeted by the… usher? guard? Walmart greeter?… who told us to go to the desk “right over there” for information.  We were quickly told “next desk” and guess what we were told at the next desk.  Go ahead; guess.  Nope!  We were told “next desk”!  It’s easy to see why New Yorkers are considered cranky… it’s cuz they have to go to 3 different desks any time they want to get any information!!!  Fortunately, there were no more desks to be referred to (although we were expecting to be sent into another room which could have been filled with desks) and the last desk actually had an answer.  We were under the wrong statue “or at least that’s what I understand; we don’t deal with that company in here”.

Well of course you don’t.   :-/

Cindy and Tom both looking very New Yorkish

We met our actor waiter guide, Tom Comerford, under the correct statue (the correct statue is always the one under which your guide is standing.  little NY tip for you there), but he was on the phone calling all the other people who were supposed to attend the tour with us to find out where they were.  We’re betting they were under the wrong statue too.  While we waited, Dee went to the street vendor to get some breakfast.  (yay breakfast)

The tour was really good.  Tom was fun and knew quite a bit about the history of the area and had visual presentations (old photos) and a cute little loudspeaker around his neck.  We walked through the theater district and learned all kinds of things like:

  • Before the depression, there were twice as many theaters as there are now.
  • Many theaters here are considered real pieces of Krapp.  Herbert J Krapp was a theater architect and builder responsible for several theaters here, including the Majestic, which you’ll read about later (now you have to keep reading!)
  • Broadway vs Off-broadway is determined by the size of the theater, not the location.  Off-broadway is a theater that seats 99-499 people.  500 or more seats is considered Broadway.  0-99 seats is considered a bus.
at least the fries were good…

On the tour, Tom recommended several places to eat (hmmm… I was just kidding about the waiter thing, but maybe there’s something to that) so we decided to try the Cafe Edison.  Our first not-good dining experience here.  Cranky staff, bland food, cash only, etc, etc.  I especially loved how, during our ‘lunch’, the waitress came through our part of the room and started putting little hand-made signs on the table reading “minimum $7 per person per table”.  Like you can get food here for less than $7…

And here are a couple more tour photos…

one of the first teams for 9/11
another Krapp theater
inside of this theater
was the stage from an old theater

After the foodage fiasco, we decided to give Tom the tourman’s tips another try and went for a little elevator ride; up to the top floor of a hotel with a massive atrium and elevators on the outside.  Dee was mostly plastered to the inside wall of the elevator.  Cuz of this…

the view from the bottom
and the view from the top

After such an ordeal, it was time for some chocolate.  🙂

2013-01-08_16-20-13_117 2013-01-08_16-23-30_555

The final act for the night (you were expecting theater talk, weren’t you?) was seeing Phantom of the Opera at that Krapp theater, the Majestic (we told you we’d come back to that!!).  OMG!!! Such an amazing show!  We had 3rd row center seats, and could feel the wind from the chandelier and smell the gunpowder and feel the spit from the actors’ssss (can never remember what to do with plural s’ss… see?) lips.  OK, so nobody spit on us, but we were close enough they could have if they wanted to!

2 tickets to Phantom-dise

At the end of another very successful honeymoonday, we must bid you all farewell for the night.  We have to be up early in the morning to be at the studio in time to see Lara and George and the gang at GMA.  And we still haven’t made a sign!!!  (cue gasp)  See you tomorrow!

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