January 10

Day 7 – A Morning at the Oscars

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a honeymoon
2 passengers set sale that day
And you’ll read about it soon… (you’ll read about it soon)

profileBut first, let us tell you about our morning!  We stayed up late last night catching up on the blogging (cuz the pressure is on now that some of you are actually reading this!) and trying to figure out what to do for a sign for our Oscar Party with Good Morning America.  Yes, we went to GMA again this morning. (don’t judge us!!!)

As instructed (we do occasionally follow the rules) we showed up on time and dressed up, figuring we were a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination.  Joining us at the studio, however, were part of a group of 500 Theta-Beta-Carotene sorority members celebrating their 100th anniversary.  How they got that many 100 year old women together in one place, we just can’t figure out.  Mad planning skilz, yo.

2013-01-10_09-09-23_427Since we had our Cordial Invitation (see yesterday’s post.. I’m too lazy to post a link to it), we were invited in to the studio audience.  And since we were playing the part of a studio audience (we’re so versatile!), we weren’t allowed to hold up the sign.  🙁  The talent (ie George and Lara and co) and staff (ie Eddie) remembered us anyway.  🙂  We’re “the Newlyweds”… they might need some creative help with their nickname skilz.

Rob Lowe was in the studio today!  We got to see him walk from his car to the building, so….. there’s that. Let’s just move on, mkay?

Cindy in the Subway

After the show we hopped on the R subway to the southern-most part of the island (we’re such seasoned subway surfers now!) to catch the Staten Island Ferry.  This is, oddly enough, a ferry that goes to Staten Island.  The ferry is free, and gives you a half-hour ride across the river, going right by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  This is another one of those ‘must-do’ things if you’re visiting here, mostly cuz it’s FREE and it gets you to Lady Liberty.  Traveler tip o’ the day… you can’t just sit on the ferry over to the island and back; everybody gets off the boat and comes back on a different one.

2013-01-10_11-41-33_81After the ferry ride, we hopped back on the R train to 50th street and transferred to the 50 bus to the 42nd street peer.  (Dang we’re getting good at this!!) If I could type that with a New York accent you’d swear we were natives!  New York natives, that is.  Not like Native American natives; you’ll need to talk with Spenser for that accent.

Our water cruise for the afternoon was a 3 hour tour (a 3 hour tour) around the island (Manhattan island, for those of you just joining in) on the Circle Line.  Like many of the tours we’ve been on, it’s hard to decide which is better; the historical information or the view.  It’s a lot easier to post the view, so as we close out for the night, we’ll leave you with some pictures from the cruise.  See you tomorrow!

Gimme some sugar
United Nations… it’s not American soil
psychiatric hospital on its own island

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