January 11

Day 8 – It’s Like Grand Central Station in Here

GM (2)
We’re here again?!? ūüôā

Here we are at the end of another day – and you know what that means. ¬†That’s right! ¬†It’s time for all the Firemen and Policemen to play with their sirens! ¬†You know how in the movies everybody in New York is honking their horns and taxi drivers are yelling at other drivers? Well it’s just like that in real life. ¬†The part you don’t see in the movies is the public safety vehicles having siren contests half the night. ¬†Evidently they can’t blast their sirens during the day cuz people have to concentrate on their jobs selling bus tours and stuff. ¬†Then at night Manhattan is one big siren party until about 2 in the morning. It would be different if they were on their way to an emergency, but they just sit down there on the street… sirening at each other. Next time we’re bringing our own siren so we can join in the fun. ¬†(But only at night; we don’t want to seem touristy)

GM (3)

As has become routine, we were at Good Morning America again this morning (I know, right?!) ¬†The cast and crew couldn’t believe it either… evidently they have employees who are at the show less than we are. ¬†ūüôā ¬†George and Eddie welcomed us back, and we got to go in the studio again (well of course we did). ¬†Here’s a GMA tip for you; don’t call Lara “Laura”… one of the people who were there just to get on TV (our relationship with GMA is much deeper than that) called her “Laura” and Lara hates that!

It’s been a fun run at GMA, and being recognized as a regular is a bit thrilling. ¬†These are some really busy people who must meet thousands of fans a day. ¬†We were told by one of the security peeps (well, Cindy was told) “You know we’re closed tomorrow…”. ¬†ūüôā ¬†We’re still amazed at everything going on behind the scenes and today was particularly ridiculous. ¬†So many people standing around doing nothing that it was hard to see the show. ¬†It’s a tough life. ¬†ūüôā

GM (5)

GM (6)




After a much-needed nap (GMA starts way early), we headed for the subway once again. ¬†Our destination; Grand Central Station! ¬†We’re not sure we’re doing the subway thing entirely right, cuz we had to walk WAY too far underground to finally get onto a train. ¬†Cindy thought we were just going to walk the whole way there.

Sidetrack! ¬†One thing we didn’t know, and you might not too, is that NYC is just a great big outdoor mall. ¬†There’s nothing here but stores with a hotel or theater thrown in once in a while. ¬†And a lot of the bigger subway stations are just like that except underground.

OK, we’re back. ¬†We were happy to be underground for a while, cuz it was raining out in the open. (finally some weather!) Something else you see on TV is the performers on the trains and in the subways; well those exist IRL too. ¬†We’ve seen singers and¬†accordion¬†players and an awesome guitarist. ¬†We even sat by a crazy, foul-mouthed nose-picker (don’t think he was in it for the money, but there were tips involved; fingertips. ¬†Ewwww!!!). ¬†We got off at the first available stop and took a different train after a couple minutes of that performance.

We got the self-guided audio tour at Grand Central… it’s supposed to take about an hour to get through, but there was a food-court and pictures to be taken, so we took a couple of hours to get through. ¬†We’ll say it again; this is another place that pictures can’t relay the grandiosity and feeling of the place. ¬†We learned fun facts like the difference between a terminal and a station (look it up! ¬†we can’t do all the work for you!), that Jackie Onassis saved the terminal from being torn down, that exposed light bulbs were once considered a sign of wealth (I love lamp!) and that cheesecake from Juniors is just as good as the tour guides say it is.

We were there for the afternoon after-work rush… SO MANY PEOPLE!

GCT (4) GCT (1) GCT (3) GCT (10) GCT (8) GCT (7)













We decided to take the bus back to 42nd street from whence we came (we’re all about the fancy talk since we saw Phantom) to continue doing the visitor type stuff we came here for. ¬†(well what did you think we were going to do while we were here???) ¬†It was still raining but we only had to wait a little while for a bus. ¬†The¬†transportation¬†system here really is quite amazing and it’s blowing Dee’s mind just to think about the technology involved in keeping all the Metrocard interfaces connected throughout the whole city.

The last attraction of the day was dinner. Another travel tip; unless you’re a big eater (and I mean big), just order a meal to share. ¬†The prices here seem (and are) really high, but almost everything we’ve had for dinner in this town has been big enough to share and still have leftovers.

The second to the last attraction was Madam¬†Tussauds¬†Wax Museum. ¬†If you’ve ever thought yourself to be a big deal (like us) but aren’t (not like us), then this is the place for you to get your picture taken with some big names. ¬†And some wax figures too!

Wax Museum (1)
GMA would be so jealous…


Wax Museum (3)
the Fab Five


Wax Museum (4)
just a couple of script changes…




Wax Museum (5)
bringing sexy back






It was still raining when we got back to the room, and the fog started moving in so we figured out how to open the windows and screens to get a better view out the window. ¬†And what a view it is! ¬†It even snowed a little bit for a while…. so pretty! ¬†We’ll leave you with the night sky as we see it from our room. ¬†See you tomorrow!!!

window (1)   window (6)



2013-01-12_00-01-20_269 1
the creeper outside our window… you try to sleep knowing that’s watching you!!

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