January 12

Day 9 – Last Day in Town

So guess what we did first thing this morning…

If you guessed Good Morning America, you are So wrong!  There was no GMA today (did you even read yesterday’s post?), so we caught up on some much needed sleeping in.  So much so that we missed out on breakfast and had to go to Dean & Deluca for some quiche and a muffin.  How is it that the city that never sleeps doesn’t serve breakfast after 11???

2013-01-12_12-14-04_976Our first stop for the day (after breakfast) was the NBC studios tour. We’d love to show you some pictures, but you can’t take pictures, video, weapons or ABC fans into the tour (Cindy sneaked in anyway).  We got to see the Dr Oz studio, the NBC control room and the Saturday Night Live studio.  During the tour you get to see a set of waterpipes (woohoo?).  In the 60s Jim Henson and Frank Oz were in the studio and, while they were waiting to be on TV, painted a bunch of the water pipes in a closet to look like muppet characters.  Too cute!  Here are a few shots from Rockefeller Center, just by the NBC studios.
2013-01-12_11-29-54_590 The plan was to go to Top of the Rock to check out the city from the top floor, but it was really foggy and overcast, so we thought we’d go do some ice skating and come back in the afternoon after the sky had cleared.  It never cleared.

And we never ice skated.  The rink was rented out for a private event.  We were thinking about calling Mr Rockefeller to complain, but the rink was rented out for a proposal, so we let it slide (ha!  ice rink… slide) this time.

We headed off to visit Central Park again; it’s hard to believe it’s been a whole week since we first visited there.  It’s gone by WAY too fast!  Along the way we stopped at St Patrick’s Cathedral and got our share of “way too much” for the day.

2013-01-12_14-35-32_638 2013-01-12_15-03-34_844

Then we headed up 5th avenue and got even more “way too much”.

2013-01-12_15-42-26_735 2013-01-12_15-46-12_70 2013-01-12_15-47-57_289

2013-01-12_16-00-59_954We took the horse-drawn carriage around Central Park and our horse Rudy did a very fantastic job!      The driver was ok.  🙂

We stopped on the way back to catch a few pictures of the skyline in the fog.

2013-01-12_16-09-26_245 2013-01-12_17-08-18_585 2013-01-12_17-14-46_594

We’re planning on heading back to Top of the Rock in the morning and are hoping for clear(er) skies, so we did laundry and packed and pouted at having to leave so soon!  This week has been so fun and romantic and exciting and perfect and a great start for our life together!  And it’s been great to be able to share it with you, and to get your feedback and input on our adventures here.  After tonight we’re off to explore more of New England, and we hope you’ll keep checking in to be with us.  See you tomorrow!!!

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