January 16

Day 13 – Snow Day

We went to sleep last night in Star’s Hollow, but we woke up this morning in a postcard!

Seriously, this was the view out the hotel window this morning.  I’m hoping I don’t need to tell you that with several inches of snow on the ground (and the C&G cruiser) and several more inches on the way, we didn’t pack up and head to Providence (sorry, Koree!)  We decided it would be better to call it a snow day and stay in the room and drink hot chocolate and lay in front of the fireplace.

Well, our room doesn’t have a fireplace (what the crap?!)  Fortunately, the lounge/breakfast room does (yay!) and the nice lady in charge of breakfast and pushing waffles on all the guests (seriously… you are gonna have some waffles!) turned it on for us.  It was even more postcardish to sit by the fire eating strawberry waffles while the snow fluttered around outside.

130116 Honeymoon (19)After breakfast we put on all our warm clothes and parkas and scarves (Cindy didn’t put on all of her scarves, we don’t have that kind of time!) and headed out to play in the snow.  Playing in the snow for us mostly involves walking around and taking pictures and saying “this is so cool!”, and we did a lot of that.  We set out in search of a laundromat (even though we never got around to doing any laundry) and then crossed the river from Kennebunk into Kennebunkport.  Ya see, they ran out of names for towns, so now when they start a new town, they just add “port” to another town’s name and call it good.  or Port.  Whatever.

130116 Honeymoon (44)On this trip we’ve discovered what ‘off-season’ means. We always knew that it was not ‘on-season’ and that it had something to do with tourists and stuff, but it’s taken on a whole new meaning here.  What is means is “no ____ for you!”.  No lobster, no chic clothing, no lighthouse tours… we decided we’ll just have to come back when everything is Open for the Season… now all we have to do is figure out when that is.

130116 Honeymoon (51)
yes, it really is that perfect

After we walked around oohing and aahing and looking in “closed for the season” shop windows, we stopped in the cute little General Store; HB Provisions.  We drank some awesome hot chocolate and sat around in the general sitting section of the general store, and generally watched the locals come in and get some sammiches and coffee and generally just visit.  No generals showed up that we’re aware of.  We did eventually order our own sammiches (yay panini!) and got some water and snacks and headed back to the room to watch the snow falling through the window.  (we were watching out through the window; the snow wasn’t actually falling through the window)

For dinner we headed out to the closest open place and had some Tapas.  Evidently Tapas is another word for expensive appetizers that you normally wouldn’t eat.  Having had a bad experience with duck and all things carpaccio (which means raw, as it turns out), we had some overdone toast and asked our waiter where we could get some lobster (we ask waiters where we should go to get some real food; we’re classy like that).  He suggested we go to the The Pilot House down the street, just past the gas station (at least it wasn’t IN the gas station) and so away we went.

130116 Honeymoon (53)It was such a cute little place (and it was open!) and it looked just like the sort of scene the characters from The Perfect Storm would hang out during a “Nor’easter” (as opposed to a regular Easter, I supposed) and wait to hear word about their mighty seafaring menfolk.  We decided to soak in the atmosphere while we soaked in some tasty steamed lobster.  Oh hey guess what… No lobster.  :-/

Our waitress explained that they didn’t get any lobster in that day, but did let us know that there were 2 lobstermen (guys who catch lobster, not those who are half-lobster-half-man) sitting at the bar, which might explain why there were no lobster. We opted for the chowdah, and it was quite tasty.  And we even got it for free!  (what!?) Yes free.  Evidently they saw us on GMA and wanted to treat visiting celebrities right.  Or they just felt bad for not having lobster.  Or they were about to close and wanted to get rid of the last of the chowder.  Whatever the reason, it was really really tasty!

It was a great way to spend a snow day!  And here are some pictures of the cutest little town we’ve ever seen.

130116 Honeymoon (40) 130116 Honeymoon (3) 130116 Honeymoon (11) 130116 Honeymoon (16) 130116 Honeymoon (20) 130116 Honeymoon (25)

130116 Honeymoon (31)

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