November 16

Movin’ On Up – Hit the Road!

I’m a truck drivin’ man. ~ Dee Hathaway

Before we get into that, you should know that in this little adventure we are helping Stormy and Spenser (and little Hudson, the cutest baby boy EVER!) move from Pima, AZ to Rexburg ID. Why you ask? Well because it’s the start of winter and the perfect time to move to the great white north.

Well really because Spenser is going to BYU Idaho, which used to be Rick’s but the church decided that sounded more like a grocery store than a college so they had to change the name.

So in preparation for the trip we reserved a moving truck and packed our suitcases and fretted over who we should get to house-sit and whether or not we’d have to catch a flight through New Jersey to get from ID back to AZ (we’re still not sure). The plan was to take the truck to Pima today, load up tonight, hit the road in the A.M. in the morning (wait… what?) and show up in snow-potato country sometime Monday or Tuesday, depending on how many hills there are between start and finish.

Now you’re all caught up and we can start the story (no, we haven’t started yet)

We dropped Gracie off at Cindy’s Ma’s house early this morning (9 is early for a Saturday) and stopped to pick up the truck.
IMG_0040 Since we couldn’t take it with us, we dropped Cindy’s car off at the airport, which is convenient cuz then we’ll have a way to get home after this trip. 🙂 While Cindy drove around looking for a parking spot in long-term-short-term parking, Dee sat in front of the airport in a large, idling moving van. Could pretty much feel the laser sights from Homeland Security the whole time.

After averting an airport shutdown, we headed off to Pima. Probably our last trip to Pima. Not all that sad about it. Just so you know, a 16 foot moving truck rides like a truck, and of course we had headwind the whole way. (feel bad for us yet?)

We posted some very hilarious updates on Facebook, and will keep doing that for the trip. So if you’re not friends with us on Facebook you’re only getting half the story and it sucks to be you right now. 🙂

The plan was for Pima peeps to show up and load up at 4, but we got in a bit early so we watched Spenser and Stormy’s dad load up the truck (we’re such good supervisors). As we were sitting around in a house with no food or furniture we really realized our fatal flaw of failing to think about what we were going to do all evening. In Pima. With the TV loaded in the truck. In Pima.

So we decided to head out tonight and hopefully make it to Holbrook, thereby putting us on schedule to be back in my hometown with fam for tomorrow night (yay!)

Cindy and I headed out early (even earlier than originally planned) cuz of the whole truck full of stuff climbing hills, plus that got us out of cleaning the house. 😉

And headwind again. I blame it on the hair and the need to always have a fan gently blowing the hair back. Don’t hate me.

IMG_0044The trip to Holbrook had it’s ups and downs… and we went a lot faster on those rare occasions when there were downs. The truck did really well… cruising along in 2nd gear at a steady 34mph for way too much of the trip!

We have settled into the Travelodge in Holbrook, which is an awesome place right on Route 66 most noted for it’s abundance of plugs in which to charge our multitude of electronics. Seriously… 4 plugs above each nightstand. Crazy.

And now we must head off to sleep because we’re going to hit the road early. Not crazy early like some people we’re traveling with cuz that’s just ridiculous. And in the morning… I’m making waffles!

Pima in our rearview…





Get your kicks… on I-40. No wait! Route 66.

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