November 17

Movin’ On Up – To Thurmonton

Tremonton looks exactly the way it did last time I saw it!  Well, in the dark anyway.  We’ll see how it looks tomorrow when it’s light outside.

Speaking of light outside, we woke up in Holbrook this morning.  Not really all that astounding when you consider that’s where we went to sleep last night.  It’s worth mentioning again how much we liked this hotel.  Very quiet.  Very convenient to the freeway.  Very many plugs.  Very good breakfast.  If we ever find ourselves in Holbrook again… well we’ll probably just keep driving.

131117 Rexburg (1)
We’re not in Phoenix anymore…

We loaded up all the suitcases and headed out to the truck, only to find it completely unusable.  There was some kind of white ‘film’ over the windshield… very strange.  We started the truck up and headed into the hotel to call AAA and to get some breakfast.  Yay automatic pancake machine!!  It was very cold outside, so we contemplated using the pancakes as hand warmers while we went to check out the truck.  By the time we finished the free sausages and eggs and apples and muffins (and did I mention the pancakes?) the white stuff on the windshield was gone.  So then we were too!

131118 Rexburg (68)
Choose your path carefully.
131117 Rexburg (39)
Welcome to Utah! Set your watches back 20 years…


There’s not really a lot to say about the drive today… cuz it was driving through Northern AZ and Southern Utah.  Hey look… there’s another rock.  :-/  If it weren’t for the sign, you’d never know you went from one state to another.


OK.  We have to talk.  How is it that every house/trailer/shack/outhouse on the rez has a satellite dish?  I mean every structure.

131118 Rexburg (15)So that was our excitement for the morning.  We did pass a few scenic views, which we’ll hopefully remember to post in this story.  And… we got passed by a truck exactly like ours.  But it was probably empty.  And turbocharged.

The fun part of the trip was coming down through the canyon from price.  Not fun because Dee had to make an emergency roadside stop ((blush)), but because we got to play in the snow!  yay snow!  And by play I mean walk through on our way to the little convenience store.  Not everybody can make emergency roadside stops.   The snow on the railroad tracks is SO pretty.  So of course we didn’t get any pictures of that for you.  We suggest you google “snow covered rails”.

131117 Rexburg (26)
It’s a Kay guitar, kay?
131117 Rexburg (25)
A boy and his mom.

We rolled into Tremonton after dark and headed straight over to Dee’s Mom’s house.  We didn’t even call. Evidently she saw us on facebook, cuz she wasn’t really surprised to see us at the door.  Such a stalker, mom is!


Becky came over to say “hey” and we played catch with the dog (you HAVE to if you’re going to be at mom’s house), and Dee picked up Dad’s guitar and amp to take back with us.  That’s the guitar that Becky and Dee learned to guitar with, and the amp is the same one that Dee played bass through in his very first band.  (memories… light the corners of my mind…)  Remember the scene from Spinal Tap?  You know… these go to 11?  Well it’s right here.

So… Dee’s Dad’s amp goes to 12.  Oh ya.

IMG_0183 (Small)
These go to 12…








While checking into the hotel in Tremonton, we got the usual “from the Ted Hathaway Hathaways?”.  Hathaways are kind of a big deal here.  People know us.  Well at least the people checking us in did.  She was the mom of a couple of guys Dee went to school/scouts with a long time ago when he was younger.

Also while we were checking in, the dude in front of us was talking on the phone (not being a jerk,  it was a legitimate call to find out why his company card wasn’t working) and said he was in “Thermonton”.  Never heard it pronounced like that before.  And I’ll bet it’s gonna be hard for whoever was on the other end of the call to find on a map! (hint.. there’s an app for that.  Find My Friends)

So now we’re all checked into the Western Inn, ready to collapse after a day of sitting up very straight.  In the morning we’re going for hot rolls and gravy (yum!) at the Pie Dump.  You’ll have to check in tomorrow to hear/read about that.

Goodnight all!

131117 Rexburg (44)
We’re having a ball!
(yes, that just happened)
131117 Rexburg (38)
The mountains are so gorgeous!
131117 Rexburg (48)
One of the many rocks in Utah
131117 Rexburg (52)
Aptly named…
131117 Rexburg (53)
Dee’s hands at 10 and 2. And 8. And 4. And pretty much all day.
131117 Rexburg (55)

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