November 18

Movin’ On Up – Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

131118 Rexburg (1)
Phoenix has some of the most beautiful sunsets on the planet (or at least in Arizona), but there’s nothing like a beautiful sunrise over the snow-covered Wasatch mountains!  Here’s a crisp morning sunrise over the gas station outside our motel window.

And speaking of windows, we found the frost all settled on our windshield again this morning.  We knew you’d want a picture of that, so here ya go.

131118 Rexburg (5)In Phoenix, if you leave your truck running while you pop into Circle K for 12 seconds, someone will drive off with it. Especially if you leave your child in it.  But here in Tremonton our running truck was just one of a line of trucks idling in the parking lot while the windows clear.  Ice-scraper?!  Psssh… who needs it?

And that’s why we don’t have frost in Phoenix.  Because of the crime rate.

131118 Rexburg (8)First on the agenda this morning was a trip to the Pie Dump.  This restaurant is a long-standing tradition for anyone who grew up in the Tremonton/Garland area.  Dee fondly remembers all the classes he sluffed while sitting at the Dump eating a small plate (it’s a food item, not an actual plate) and drinking a few Mt Dews… (sluff is a Utah word for ditching school.  Gosh!)


131118 Rexburg (9)
3 hots and a bowl. There’s about 2 lbs of butter in there…

We always try to grab some foods at the Pie Dump when we’re in Town, but for the past few years it’s been kinda tough.  They’ve either been closed for the County Fair (I know, right??) or for cleaning because school was about to open.   But this time we didn’t even tell Mom we were coming into town, so the Dump didn’t have any advance notice and we caught them off guard.  And open.

So some of Dee’s fam, Ben, Becky and Mom, joined us for all the rolls and most of the gravies.  So good!

The next mandatory stop is at MB Meat Packing to get some jerky.  I highly recommend the Teriyaki, Saddlebag, Colorado… oh what the heck.  Just get some of each!

We bid a fond farewell to the… the… (googling) beehive state and headed North towards our final destination.  Actually back home is our final destination, but you know what we mean.

131118 Rexburg (38)131118 Rexburg (3)We made it into Rexburg and to the Townhouse there at the UI (that’s what all us hip cats are calling BYU-Idaho) at about 2, which was really good timing because there were some guys walking home from class and the campus code forces them to help whenever they see freezing people unloading trucks.  We were very glad to see them show up, too, because heavy lifting really isn’t in our repertoire.  (Dee had to look that word up twice!)

We did get them all moved in and some of the furniture arranged and a few boxes unpacked and the TV hooked up (that should have been done first IMHO).  And now we’re off to the uber-chic Springhill Suites for a nice night  of R&R.  (resting and Rexburging)

So while we sleep, enjoy these pictures of our trip and try not to think that the scenery looks just like Utah only colder.

131118 Rexburg (7)
so…. colddddd…
131118 Rexburg (65)
Idaho? YOU daho!
(never gets old…)
131118 Rexburg (12)
Pushin’ 82! Headed down a really big hill.

131118 Rexburg (10)

131118 Rexburg (6)





That’s all folks!

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