November 19

Movin’ On Up – To Some Downtime

‘I woke up to the sound of pouring rain’

131119 Rexburg (5)That’s a song by Skid Row, for all you non-metalheads. It’s also what happened here in Rexburg. The Springhill Suites were pretty sweet, and we got a room on the 4th (top) floor away from all the ice machines and elevators and civilization and it was very quiet and relaxing.  And without having to get up early and hit the road, we got to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. It was almost like being on vacation! Except without the beaches and waves lapping gently at our feet.

131119 Rexburg (2)For the first time on the trip, we didn’t have frost on the truck windows (yes, that again), because it was raining and blowing.  Strange how we are so much farther north now, but the weather is frost-free.  We only had to travel 2 states away to find the rain, but find it we did!  🙂


131119 Rexburg (3)
such cuteness!

Today we got to have some non-travel time, and spent the day playing with Hudson and packing and repacking all of our stuff so we could catch a flight back home tomorrow.  We picked up some extra stuff along the way and might need that moving truck to get back home!  Fortunately, we get to check a couple of bags each for the flight (thanks Noah!), so we won’t have to sell our plasma to cover any airline baggage fees.

We got our resting and packing and playing done, delivered the truck to the Budget place, and headed into Idaho Falls to find a hotel.  There are 2 flights out tomorrow… 5:35 am and 1:33 pm… both through Denver.  So guess which flight we’re trying?  :-/  The joys of standby.  But hey!  The price is right, Bob!

We checked into the Super 8 because they were close to the airport and had free transport and we figured if we had to get up in the middle of the night to get to the airport we were only going to be napping anyway.  We requested a pickup time of 4:00 for our free ride to the airport; gotta be there at least 90 minutes early for the flight, right?   The 12 year-old behind the counter kinda shrugged and said “I don’t think the airport is open then.”

Say whaaaaat?

Ya.  The airport doesn’t open until 4:30.  I didn’t even know airports closed!  Evidently it’s not a very big airport.

131119 Rexburg (4)We headed off to Applebee’s for dinner, figuring we’d spend our recently aquired gift-card (thank you Garners!) only to find Applebee’s closed for construction.  So off we go into the wild blue (named because the crazy wind is so cold here it turns your skin blue… or maybe that’s just Cindy’s new jeans…) and had a wonderful dinner at the Pelican Club Sandpiper Restaurant.  Very tasty!  I highly recommend you drive there if you’re in Idaho Falls.  But don’t walk or you’ll freeze!!

Tonight we’re packed away in our SuperRoom, with an alarm set for 3:40 am.  Good night Idaho!


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